Welcome to the University of Illinois Chapter of the
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AIChE is the world's leading chemical engineering professional organization, with members spanning 93 countries and a variety of industries and areas of research. The organization provides networking opportunities and access to a wealth of information about the latest techniques in chemical engineering. Undergraduate students are able to join AIChE for free through the ScaleUp initiative in order to get acquainted with the organization at an early age.

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**Friendsgiving potluck on nov 19 at 7pm!!!

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Professional Development

Personal Development

Volunteer at Julibee Cafe

Join your AIChE friends and give back to the Champaign-Urbana community by volunteering at Jubilee Cafe on November 18th. The Jubilee Cafe offers freshly cooked meals to college students and other local residents who struggle with food insecurity. This takes place at 805 South 6th Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820. Fill out this form by October 22 at 5PM. Contact Krysta with any questions.

Study Aborad Workshop

Want to take a break and study abroad in Spain? Japan? Sweden? Learn about incorporating study abroad into your chemE experience! Quyen will share her experience as well as other insight this Wednesday November 6th in Chem Annex 152 at 5:30PM! Contact Krystian or Quyen with any questions.

fall barcrawl

Happy Bar Crawl Week Y'all! Shirts are available for pickup in the office until Wednesday at 4 PM and we will start at Murphy's at 10 PM on Wednesday. Refer to the  Facebook event for more details. . Any question, contact Caitlin.

ChemE freshmen facebook page

Join the ChemE freshmen Facebook page by looking up "ChemE UIUC '23" or clicking this link! There will be frequent updates with reminders for club events and events specifically for freshmen to get more involved or just to meet more people. Contact Giselle with any questions.

apartment list & roommate finder

If you are interested in subleasing your apartment this summer, please put your information for your current apartment in this form so AIChE members can have an easy way of finding new places for the year or summer! Also, if you are still looking for a roommate for next year and would like someone who you share classes/interests with, fill out this form! Contact Giselle with any questions.

friendsgiving potluck

Show off your culinary skills or the best of County Market at our Friendsgiving Potluck on Tuesday, November 19th at 7 PM!! We will meet in the AIChE office. RSVP here. Any question, contact Krystian.

Contact Us

Send us your questions to our email address or contact officers directly!


Drop by the AIChE Office in Noyes 50 if you need anything or to chat with the officers! Our schedule for the Fall 2019 semester can be found here. If you would like to join our mailing list, sign up here!